Thursday, 24 July 2014

Three is the magic number - My Favourite Scents

After being through many different scents - some much more expensive than others - I have managed to settle on my three personal favourites for myself so far.

Starting with Heavenly by Victoria's Secret; which is a beautifully flavourful fragrance - fruity with hints of vanilla - and a bottle with a sexy hourglass shape, fitting for the brand. Perfect for day and night.

My all time favourite is - of course- Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Here I have the Eau so Fresh version with the multicoloured 3-D lid, which has inspired many other perfume bottles to be designed in such a manner. I am in love with the soft floral fragrances, such as jasmine, of the Daisy range and find this perfume perfect for the British summer time.

The last one here is Zara Black. This and the Victoria's Secret perfume are both unusual purchases for me as I normally avoid own brand beauty products due to my overly sensitive skin. However, I am very happy I made an exception here. This scent is a lot different to the other two and is much heavier. It is an almost addictive scent, with citrus and vanilla over a base of musk. This scent is definitely created for the night, although I would gladly wear it all day. 

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