Sunday, 27 July 2014

Night Out

Sometimes I feel like I have every outfit in the world, but most of the time I have absolutely nothing to wear!! 

I have found that an outfit such as the one I am wearing in above picture (that's me on far left, can't miss me, huge cheesy grin) which is made up of a cropped and cut out Topshop black top and the Rihanna for River Island high waisted loose fit shorts. For shoes I was wearing the above Zara strappy sandals with the jagged sole. Sure to make another appearance soon - I love these shoes! (Explains my big cheesy grin) 

I find this outfit easy as you're not worrying about showing your knickers off to the world and with the right underwear, a VPL is something of the past. 

My necklace is one my mum picked up for me from Primark and will most certainly be making another appearance as it goes with everything.

I love this outfit because it is cheap and easy to bung on - just make sure you have a light lunch!

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