Thursday, 24 July 2014

Say Good Bye to those Pesky Spots!!!

Unfortunately, unless you have been blessed by the Gods or kissed by an angel, everyone is bound to get a spot at least once in their lifetime - normally just before a big event! 

There can be many reasons to get an unwanted visitor on your face, from too many late nights and too much make up to not eating correctly and drinking enough water. 

However, I have miraculously come across a cure! This Blemish Gel Treatment from the good folks at Murad actually works!! Don't faint! 

It comes as a creamy coloured gel with small particles - must be fairy dust!!

It is so easy to use as well. Simply complete your night time routine and make sure your face is sparkling and apply a small layer to the affected area and by morning, the spot will have gone or reduced in size and colour substantially! I found after two nights using it, my spot had all but completely disappeared!

There is no reason not to repeat treatment during the day, however I find make up does not stay on the area that the Gel has been applied to - which is less than helpful.

Would definitely recommend! 

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