Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Solo Artist - Cara Delevingne and Topshop 2014

She's at it again! Everyone's favourite model of the moment, Cara, has managed to land herself another brilliant campaign.

The new collection of Topshop modelled here by the doe eyed beauty will be available in stores and online in August.

It looks like parkas are still going strong - as is the ageless look of a feminine/masculine cut suit.

The clothes on Cara look amazing and I am positive the collection will sell out faster than you can say #ILoveTopshop. However, I have a love-hate relationship with Topshop. I personally find they have a lack of new styles, the fabric and workmanship of the products to be poor. Yet I still end up buying items from them, so they must be doing something right. 

Anyway, Cara is looking amazing and good luck to all who hope to buy a piece of the collection come August!

Take a peek at the video of the shoot here:


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Night Out

Sometimes I feel like I have every outfit in the world, but most of the time I have absolutely nothing to wear!! 

I have found that an outfit such as the one I am wearing in above picture (that's me on far left, can't miss me, huge cheesy grin) which is made up of a cropped and cut out Topshop black top and the Rihanna for River Island high waisted loose fit shorts. For shoes I was wearing the above Zara strappy sandals with the jagged sole. Sure to make another appearance soon - I love these shoes! (Explains my big cheesy grin) 

I find this outfit easy as you're not worrying about showing your knickers off to the world and with the right underwear, a VPL is something of the past. 

My necklace is one my mum picked up for me from Primark and will most certainly be making another appearance as it goes with everything.

I love this outfit because it is cheap and easy to bung on - just make sure you have a light lunch!

GFW Creative Catwalk Award

The internet - and the world - is going to instantly fall in love with Camilla Grimes' work. Not only does she combine fur and neon in perfect harmony, but with pictures of hairless cats too. What more could a girl want! 

The flurry of different fabrics used may normally give some designers or viewers palpitations, Camilla has managed to pull it off exceedingly well - a well deserved receiver of the Creative Catwalk Award during the Graduates Fashion Week this year. 

I am (rather impatiently) waiting to see where she next pops up!

GFW Stuart Peters Visionary Knitwear Award

Rebecca Swann has really shown the potential of Knitwear in her collection for Graduate Fashion Week with graduating from Nottingham Trent University and securing the Stuart Peters Visionary Knitwear Award. 

Her collection is perfectly on trend, however has the unmistakable notion of leading the pack on knitwear designs to come. With the perfect balance of feminine meets masculine and the over sized designs with the chunky knits, her work is destined to be a hit. 

With the A/W season coming up, watch this space to see her inspiration on the streets around you. 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Summer Exotics

Summer is my favourite season - Pimms, heels, sunshine and sunglasses.

In keeping with the wonderful heat wave, my make up today allowed my skin to look beautifully bronzed - a rarity!

With the eye palette I picked up on holiday recently from Victoria's Secret alongside their liquid eyeliner - a must have - I was able to create a bronzed look on my eyes. The slight sparkle in the eye shadow  reflects light and gives your skin a glowing look BUT be careful of any that can fall away from your eye - you don't want to look like you've been sleeping in the fairy dust again! 

A positive of this palette is how well the colours match and blend with each other - endless looks can be created.

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Say Good Bye to those Pesky Spots!!!

Unfortunately, unless you have been blessed by the Gods or kissed by an angel, everyone is bound to get a spot at least once in their lifetime - normally just before a big event! 

There can be many reasons to get an unwanted visitor on your face, from too many late nights and too much make up to not eating correctly and drinking enough water. 

However, I have miraculously come across a cure! This Blemish Gel Treatment from the good folks at Murad actually works!! Don't faint! 

It comes as a creamy coloured gel with small particles - must be fairy dust!!

It is so easy to use as well. Simply complete your night time routine and make sure your face is sparkling and apply a small layer to the affected area and by morning, the spot will have gone or reduced in size and colour substantially! I found after two nights using it, my spot had all but completely disappeared!

There is no reason not to repeat treatment during the day, however I find make up does not stay on the area that the Gel has been applied to - which is less than helpful.

Would definitely recommend! 

Three is the magic number - My Favourite Scents

After being through many different scents - some much more expensive than others - I have managed to settle on my three personal favourites for myself so far.

Starting with Heavenly by Victoria's Secret; which is a beautifully flavourful fragrance - fruity with hints of vanilla - and a bottle with a sexy hourglass shape, fitting for the brand. Perfect for day and night.

My all time favourite is - of course- Daisy by Marc Jacobs. Here I have the Eau so Fresh version with the multicoloured 3-D lid, which has inspired many other perfume bottles to be designed in such a manner. I am in love with the soft floral fragrances, such as jasmine, of the Daisy range and find this perfume perfect for the British summer time.

The last one here is Zara Black. This and the Victoria's Secret perfume are both unusual purchases for me as I normally avoid own brand beauty products due to my overly sensitive skin. However, I am very happy I made an exception here. This scent is a lot different to the other two and is much heavier. It is an almost addictive scent, with citrus and vanilla over a base of musk. This scent is definitely created for the night, although I would gladly wear it all day. 


Hello Daisy Chainers!! 

Welcome to my blog! Here you will have an insight into all things that I take an interest in - and hope you do to! 

It can be from fashion to food, dogs to days out or just anything when I am bored.

Happy Browsing!!xoxo Daisy