Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Make up that stays all day.... No really!

With the party season steadily approaching, everyone wants a face that will stay. All day. (And all night!) 

Having worked in the beauty industry, a few tricks have now been tucked up my sleeve. Some of which I may reveal!

In this post I shall quickly reveal a basic run through of how to get your make up to stay all day...

***ALWAYS start with clean hands!!***

1) Make sure you start with a clean canvas - Bioderma Sensibio H2O will clean away all dirt kindly.

2) An oil free moisturiser is hen massaged into the face and neck - I recommend Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel. This will dry quickly and won't leave an oily residue which will cause make up to slip. 

3) Make sure the eyes are hydrated - Origins Gingzing Eye Cream will keep the eyes vibrant and refreshed. 

4) Prime the skin before any application of make up - Mac Prep and Prime Base Visage is my favourite. It gives the skin a beautiful velvet texture and has small light reflecting particles that will blur imperfections. 

5) Now, some people choose foundation before, or after, concealer. This really depends on which concealer or foundation you are using and can only truly be discovered through trial and error!! 

For me, I shall apply Bobbi Brown Correct and Conceal under my eyes, gently dabbing over dark circles. 

6) On top of this, I apply Mac Studio Fix Concealer with a small concealer brush, like Clinique Concealer Brush. I shall dab over with a Beauty Blender. 

7) At this point, I apply the Mac Studio Fix Concealer to blemishes.  Dab to remove excess. 

8) Foundation should now be applied. I tend to abound the eye area as we want to abound caking. Foundation that is long wearing and with SPF - such as Estée Lauder Double Wear Liquid Foundation, should now be applied. This is a medium to full coverage foundation. 

Please note: apply in thin layers building up. This ensures maximum adhesion to the skin. Apply with fingers of a brush. Although always finishing with a dabbing motion with the Beauty Blender. The dabbing motion lessens work on the skin minimising avoidable ageing and also keeps minute hairs flat down on the skin keeping the foundation looking flawless.

9) Now to contour. Always use a concealer two shades darker than your foundation. I use Mac Studio Fix Concealer NW30. This is super easy to blend. 
This must be applied in the shadow of he cheekbone, along the forehead near the hairline and shaping the nose. Blend with the Beauty Blender with.... You guessed it!! Dabbing!! 

10) Apply gently with the Beauty Blender an under eye highlighter such as YSL Touché Éclat dabbing to blend all three products together seamlessly. 

11) Using a large powder brush, like the one available from Real Techniques, apply a quick layer of powder. My personal favourite is Mac Studio Fix Powder NW15. Make sure to use this time to blend the foundation into the neck to make sure there are no lines! 

11) Now for the tricky part... Baking. Used by the drag community for years, baking is a tonne of powder put in key places you would like to be lighter/stay longer. This can be applied with a brush or sponge. Sponge will give a greater application. Ben Nye Banana Powder or even Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder. 

12) This must be left for 10 mins roughly. So I use this time to do my eyes. The extra powder also catches fallout from eyeshadow. 

13) Use a primer on the eyes. I like Mac Paint Pot in Painterly. It's actually a cream eyeshadow but dries as the eyeshadow is applied over it. Use your favourites! 

13) Try and use a long wearing eyeliner and mascara. I prefer not to use waterproof due to the wear and tear it causes the eyelashes. Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner and Lancôme Hypnose Drama Mascara are my favourite. Very black and very long wearing. 

14) Eyebrows! Use Mac Eye Brow Pencil. It twists so is always sharp. Therefore always get neat eyebrows! Use small gentle strokes so it looks more natural. Neaten with a brush. 

15) Now gently remove the excess powder using a gentle brush and circular motions. This will dust off the powder and move more into the skin giving you a flawless look. I like to use Mac 188 Duo Brush. The goat hair is gentle on the skin. 

16) Bronzing! I use Real Techniques Blush Brush. It is shaped to give a great detail. Mac Mineralized Sun Kissed or Bobbi Brown Bronzer will work. I normally frame with Mac and add colour with Bobbi! 

17) Lips. Moisturise. Lip liner. Lipstick. It is that easy. I am in love with Mac Lip Liner in Spice. 

And that is it!!

It really is that easy. 

I have used many products and these are the ones I fall back to every time. 

I can upload a tutorial video if wanted, or answer any questions. 

Hope this helps!!!!

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


Hi guys!! 

Quick update as it has been a long time - this blog will start to focus upon beauty tips etc. 

I have been unable to update for a long time due to a conflict of interest. 

So please return for all the inside goss, tutorials, recommendations, reviews etc!!! 

I can't wait to get started up again!